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My name is Mozart Mc Kenzie, ed and as my namesake denotes, sildenafil creativity and perseverance runs through my veins and my life. At the somewhat tender age of 22, I have been in the Graphic and 3D animation realm for the last five years, my interest in this field has stemmed from a desire from childhood, from the first time I was able to hold a pen, to this very day that desire has only intensified.
As a product of a modest upbringing in Trinidad and Tobago, graphic arts and animation has allowed me to become a visionary and to see the world for the artistic beauty that surrounds us with change and movement. At the age of 15, I was able to take part in a website graphics design course.I am a fairly self-taught designer (Digital Tutors,Gnomon Workshop,Lynda),and now, my work is beyond expectation.